back to NYC 帰ってきて


It was my 6th visits to the Frankfurt international airport in three weeks. Familiar view of security check point, airline lounge, nice place but enough for a while. Lufthansa must be happy seeing me again, gave me a free upgrade so my returning flight was a comfortable one, watched “X-Man”, “StarTrek”, “Dragon Ball”, and even slept some before arriving JFK.

After 7 hours of flight, a usual drama above JFK. “Hello, this is your captain speaking, JFK air control told us too much traffic back up and suggested heading to Newark before running out the fuel”. German lady next to me was not happy to hear this but I told her this happens all the time in NY especially in evening when all flights from Europe arrives at same time, and our plane has higher priority being an international carrier just crossed Atlantic, large plane 747 and full capacity, and running out the fuel so they will accommodate.

Two minutes later, “this is your captain speaking again, we have a clearance from the traffic control, flight attendants, prepare for the landing”.

It is nice to be back. Nice to sleep on my own bed. Nice to see our garden. And nice to finally unpack all gears.

But I already miss Marrakech, Sahara, and Istanbul...

For some photo from the flight, please click here.