non smoke 禁煙


Last Saturday was the day for Turkey to implement a new “non-smoking” law. Seeing many bars with Hookah (water pipe), I thought smoking is a part of national identity of Turkey but that may no longer be the case. I was told that the law changes often here in Turkey. Politicians do one thing, then lose their vote, reverse the legislation later.

I heard bout a proposed law today. Every Turkey citizen must serve 12 months in military. It used to be 15 months but again politician got pressure from caring parents and the service requirement was reduced. I was also told if you go to university, then student used to pay some amount of money to avoid military service.

Talking about military service, I realized Japan is one of the few countries in Asia that does not have a draft. Korea, China (selective), Taiwan, Singapore, Thai (selective), many other regions around Japan have some type of draft.

Just as Turkish law, many things can change. I respect people who are in the military voluntary but I’m glad that I was not drafted and I hope Japanese constitution article 9 will remain as is.

Article 9 of the Japanese constitution prohibits the state from engaging in a foreign war of aggression and only allows for a self defense force.

photos of wall in Istanbul, Turkey 色々な壁の写真