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My first blog entery about 2009 summer trip goes back 7/15/09. It's been a long and fruitful three months since I've started posting my photos and videos from my
2009 Summer trip but this is the last one from my adventure to Germany, Turkey, and Morocco for now.

I am ending my summer trip blog with tihs photo from Marrakech. A
photo gallery in Marrakech, Morocco.

My experience with cameras started when I was 3 years old. Being a gadget geek even though I was only 3 years old, I was able to disassemble my father's very expensive Nikon camera with a screw driver. Of course I did not know how to put things back together and dad was not very happy. I've been fascinated with devices that freeze light ever since. My encounter with 100 year old French stereoscope device and original surviving glass negatives in Morocco another starting point for my adventure with camera and the scene those magic devices create.

As has happened a few times before, YouTude decided to disable my video since some music from a movie is being used in my video. I respect copyright but believe this is within fair use so I've posted the video on my own server which has a much slower streaming speed than the worldwide YouTube servers, and does not have fancy control menu bar.

Please click
here, then wait 30 sec before the video starts.

If you are interested viewing all photos from my summer trip as a slide show, please click
here for the menu.