istanbul イスタンブール


At Istiklal Caddes in Istanbul

As I headed to the security check point at the Frankfurt airport, officer was twisting her head watching x-ray view of my bags. One tripod, 6 lenses, 3 camera, 2 external HDD, one notebook, and few other camera parts. Looks like I have enough metal objects to scare them. I was kindly asked to follow another officer to a separate room where they opened and went through everything in my bags. Then I was told “you are very well organized packing your equipment”.

Coming from German, this is a complement...

My flight was full of kids. Looks like a summer homecoming for many Turkish immigrants who’s kids were born in Germany, and visiting their foreign mother land first time in their life. I share the excitement of them as plane touch down, and everyone cheers.

Istanbul. Amazing place! More to come...