Turkish "i" トルコ語のi


At Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul

Sunday and Istiklal Caddesi was full of energy.

I spent all afternoon taking photos on the street, took a break and tried hamams or Turkish sauna (some special meaning in Japanese below), then went back to Istiklal Caddesi, had a dinner and talked some tourist from UK. He speaks English, French, German, and some Turkish. We were talking about Turkish language and he pointed out
Turkish “i” with out “.”, looks more like “1”. Yes I remember Turkish “i”. I used to work on international software development and back in 1998, we broke Turkish “i” while updating the character code page. I received a bug report and nasty email from Turkish manager about breaking their important character “i” right around final RC (release candidate). I don’t remember a full detail of how we broke it and how we fixed it but that was the only code change we’ve done in favor of Turkish version of Windows98. Sudden flashback from 11 years ago.

Those people on the street are too young to know what Windows98 was like.

And special note for a woman who is carrying a bag from
Strand, a famous bookstore in NYC.

Link to my photo
Istanbul Sunday イスタンブールの日曜日