photo 写真


You may not noticed reading my blog and photo from July 27th to July 29th but it is very hard to take a good photo in Morocco.

Islam does not say “do not take a photo”, it says “do not create and worship idol”. But people dislike being photographed here. So I have to ask each time I point my camera to people. Sometime they ask me a change ($) for being photographed. Often they decline being photographed.

So I can imagine it must be a huge challenge to have a photo gallery in Morocco or being a professional photographer.

I was lost in Medina and accidentally found this lovely photo gallery:

Maison de la Photographie
46 Rue Ahal Fes Marrakech
tel: (+212)5-24-38-57-21

I was exhausted walking 4 hours, carrying my heavy camera bag, and photographing this city in 52 degree C (that is around 125 degree F?) hot weather. Seeing my camera bag, Patrick, the owner of gallery offered me a ice tea, and gave me a private tour.

They have few thousands photos from 1890, scene of Marrakech from early 20th century in this country where people dislike being photographed. Their collection includes hundreds of original French 3D photo in glass, more than 100 years old but still crystal clear.

Fujifilm just announced their 3D digital camera, about 100 years behind from this original equipment.

This gallery is a non-profit by volunteer and donations. Please make your stop when you visit Marrakech.

More photo from the gallery
here. 写真のつづきはこちら