red room 赤い部屋


Istanbul, Turkey.

Eklektik is a very cute guest house in a very convenient location, only 3 min walking distance to Istiklal Caddesi. My room is guess what, a “Red Room” next to a terrace with a views over the Bosphorus, a bay and Asia side of Istanbul on the top floor.

From there, you can take the TUNEL (a cable car though tunnel) down to Karakoy, then take a streetcar to the old city.

Friday, I took a nap, walked around Iskiklal Caddesi (caddis means street or avenue) but uneventful as I was exhausted from one cross Atlantic flight follow by 4 hours flight from Frankfurt to Istanbul.

Saturday was more productive day. I took a streetcar to Laleli, walked near Istanbul University along the Aqueduct of Valens toward to Faith Mosque. U-turn from there then,
Beyazit Mosque and walk to Kapah Carsi or Grand Bazaar.

Mosques. I am not religious but the space was very spiritual. Mosque dome is a repeated mathematical pattern and you can feel the order in its design.

But The Grand Bazaar, on the other hand is very dynamic and noisy. I was expecting more smelly dirty market but Grand Bazaar is an modern and amazing place. You can easily spend hours just wondering around here.

Istanbul presents so many dualities. Asia and Europe. Old and New. Quiet and Noisy. Traditional and Contemporary...

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Istanbul イスタンブール
Iskiklal Caddesi イスティクラル通り
Beyazit Mosque ベヤジット寺院
Grand Bazaar グランドバザール