day and night 昼と夜


My five days of Istanbul visit went so fast!

... Make a mental note to myself, my next visit should be minimum of two weeks.

Istanbul is a busy and exciting city with so many things happening. Here is more photo from
daily life in Istanbul.

Once sun goes down and air cools off, you see even more people enjoying the city on the water.

Here is a
night view of the great city of Istanbul.

Con (pronounce as Jon), a host at the Eklektik Guest House, is a world traveler. He has been so many place all over the world. I invited him to NYC but he said “I’ve been NYC three times and I liked it but I like trying new and visiting different place rather than going back to the same place I’ve been”.

I agree him about trying new place but I must return to Istanbul.






泊まっていたEklektik ゲストハウスのオーナー、Con (CだけとJohnと同じような発音)は世界中を旅行している。ニューヨークへ来るときは声をかけてと言うと「ニューヨークには3回行ったことがある、好きだけど他の新しい、まだ訪れた事のない街がいっぱいある」と