path 道程


I woke up thinking I'm still in the Riad in Marrakech, realized few seconds later that I'm in Frankfurt, appreciated the lower temperature but somewhat disappointed that the hotel room looked could be anywhere in US, Japan, or Germany...

2009 summer trip blog took a different style than my usual blog.  It's been my usual way communicating through my photo, but they were my telegram to friends and family saying I'm doing well while traveling, and my thank you notes to new friends whom I met during this trip.

A friend in NYC who has a great blog told me about his rule for the blog, have a consistency.  I've decided to use only black and white and square photo (460x460) since making square photo is harder in my mind.  Square may reduce the movement and must pay attention to the proportion within.   B&W may reduce the richness but emphasizes the contrast and shape.  My partner told me that I should minimize the writing and rely on the photo to communicate in this blog so my usual blog has very little explanation.  I'm trying to learn photography, not writing a book so the single picture should tell everything.  This helps me to "think" before I take a photo, "think" again when I edit them, and think one last time when I supplement a comment.

Many people made comments about my photo from Sahara Dune and Marrakech.  Those photos look different from the world we live.

I was 14 years old when a good friend of mine, from my elementary and currently lives in Nagano / Japan, spent one summer staying with American family in US and gave me an intro to living in a foreign place or different world.  His story made me realize we can extend our world.

Two buddies from Japan, one from Kurashiki / Japan and another from Nara / Japan and we've known each other since age of 6, made an identical comment about photos from this trip.  "Information overload, having a digestive challenge going through so many photos from foreign worlds".  My friends in US often give me a similar comment when they view photos from typical sites in Japan.  Sand people in Sahara dune will never imagine taking a bullet train on 300kh/h to commute everyday.

Everyone lives in an unique world.

A friend who lives in London and originally from Istanbul gave me a complement to my photos from Istanbul, "bring me back the old memories of my life in Istanbul thru the lens of a very talented and emotional artist who felt the same joy and excitement as any Istanbul lover like me would do".

One more day left for this trip and I'm glad to know I'm on the right path.

Click here to view photo from Zeil street and old city of Frankfurt, Germany