sahara サハラ砂漠


One of Tuaregs people at the dune told me “you like dune? Come back here with your family, and if you like, live here”. Not sure this was a tourism copy line, or he was serious. But life in the desert is tough.

I was the only one slept in the tent. All others decide to sleep outside under the star. I didn’t try to be a wise one explaining there would be a sand storm as temperature and air pressure change, and being outside will accelerates dehydration, make you even more tired. I could tell there will be a storm based on the way tent was set up, and by seeing how the sand / dune formation were but I thought keeping those warnings to myself and let others enjoy their trip. In the middle of the night, the storm was bad and all of the camper were rushing inside... I was one of few sleeping with a flash light handy, and pointing people where the space were to sleep, then got outside to make sure there were no one left, all sandals were under the carpet and matt so they won’t blow away. After checking everything is fine, I went back to sleep.

You have to respect the nature.

Sand people knows that.

I remember Tuaregs telling me “if you like dune, come back and live here”.

They can move to a big city like Casablanca or Marrakech. They know the outside world, they have a cell phone and satellite TV. It seems that it is their choice to live in the dune even the life is tough. Tourism may be the only job they have. But many of them seem to enjoy living there. If young one doesn’t like, the force of nature will kick them out from the dune.

I don’t think I can live in the dune. Too much sand gets into a sensitive camera equipment. But that may be why the pictures from dunes look so precious. Life is precious and I realized that even more when in the dune.

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自分は砂漠には住めないと思う。カメラや精密機材に砂が入るのは... でもそんな環境だから砂漠の写真は価値があるのかもしれない。「生きる」って事は貴重な事とよく思うけど、それを砂漠はより感じさせる