plug 消火栓


"Plug near 54th Street and Broadway" ブロードウェイ近辺の消火栓

Another one blank week in my blog as I was focused on my mid term exams.

One of my main courses is called "freshman" seminar. Yes, I'm a freshman, and this course uses only analog (film) cameras. My previous experience with film was "zero" so this is a fun class where I walk around NYC with my newly aquired film camera, Nikon FM3a, shoot rolls of black & white film, and then bring them to the school so I can develop and print them myself.

There is a magic moment in the darkroom when the black & white image comes up on the paper as I dip it into the developing agent. I've screwed up a few rolls, spent lots of weekends in the darkroom, but I'm learning some of the basic of beauty of photography.