mussel ムール貝


Finally NYC had a nice spring weather this weekend so our roof deck was used with friends for a dinner; cheese and olive, mussel with white wine, burger, and potato salad, very summer like food.

Preparing mussel is easier that you think:

  1. Have some good white wine
  2. Buy fresh mussel
  3. Clean them (here is some video from external site with ad showing how to clean mussel). Very important to remove dead one, clean shell, and remove beard.
  4. Have some wine
  5. Chop onion, lemon, garlic, mix them in pot with olive oil, salt, sage, little bit of ginger and wasabi
  6. Pour a cup of white wine
  7. Put mussel in pot and mix with oil and garnishment

Then enjoy remaining wine, wait until shell opens (5 - 10 min.), serve in large bowl with some bread.



  1. 美味しいワインを楽しむ
  2. 新鮮なムール貝を買う
  3. 貝を洗う(上記英語の部分にコマーシャル付き、貝の準備のビデオあり)、重要:貝は1つ1つ手で洗って、死んでる貝を除いて、ひげを取り、貝に着いてる汚れを取る
  4. ワインの楽しむ
  5. タマネギ、レモン、ニンニクをきざみ、オリーブオイルを大きなパンで温め、そこにきざんだ材料と香辛料、セージ、塩、生姜を少々、わさびを少量、入れ炒める
  6. 白ワインを1カップ、沸騰直前で
  7. 貝を入れ、素材と混ぜる