mosques 寺院


Monday and Tuesday were “mosque” day. I spent two days walking around “old city” or “Sultanahmet” where dozen huge mosques creates an unique skyline.

It is hard to capture the scale of
Haghia Sophia... Its interior has so much details that you lose your focus. I spent three hours in here, using 200mm telephoto lens to describe the detailed craftsmanship, and layers of history. My neck hurt after doing this.

Also another humangas mosque,
Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque.

Keep my comment short, please enjoy the photo.


ハジアソフィア、この建物のスケールを写真に撮るのは難しい... あまりにも細かな内装を眺めていると、目がくらくらする。200ミリの望遠を使って約3時間その建物のいくつもの重なった歴史と詳細を撮ってみた。