sheep 羊


Krispy Kream opened its Tokyo store exactly 3 years ago in Shinjuku, across the street from my old office. This store always had a long line, often the line stretching to Tokyu Hands. My co-worker (software architect) and I used to laugh at mindless sheep who are waiting 90 minutes to buy donuts. We were the black sheep, not following the line, asking a question, and causing a trouble.

Three years since then, the fame of Krispy is gone but I’m still a black sheep.

ちょうど3年前にクリスピークリームが日本に上陸し、当時の自分の会社の前に新宿店がオープンした。このドーナッツ屋はいつも長い列があり、時には東急ハンズまでその列が伸びていた。当時のソフトウェアー アーキテクトと私は90分近くはやりのドーナッツが欲しさに列ぶ無知の羊達を笑っていた。彼と私は黒い羊、列に並ばず、なぜ?と問い、常に問題を起こしていた