Riad 民宿


A trip to Sahara was very nice but it was great returning to my Riad (bed & breakfast or inn) in Marrakech Medina (old part of walled city).

Ross and David at
Riad Arahanta are great hosts, they make me feel at home after my 48 hours adventure to the dune. I took a nice long shower, emptied my camera bag, and try to get all sand out from my belongings. I cleaned all camera equipments but I can feel the zoom and focusing rings have some sand in there... They may need to be send to Canon for an extensive clean up after this trip.

Ross and David took me to a nice restaurant next to Koutoubia Mosque, shared a bottle of Morocco white wine, a great treat in this “dry” country especially after long trip to the desert.

They are originally from Scotland, started this Riad few years ago. They love this hot weather compared to a rainy and soggy weather back in Scotland. There are many people from Europe doing the same, I can see at least four old buildings being converted into a nice Riad in this block alone. If you come to Morocco, skip Casablanca and head directly to Marrakech. If you stay in Marrakech, skip four/five star western style big chain hotels in new city but stay within Medina and stay with smaller Riad. Similar recommendations are true in many major cities including Kyoto. Stay in smaller “ryokan” (inn) and get to know the hosts so you have a chance to get to know the area, people, and these inns and B&B will become your home in a strange land.

Marrakesh is the city of “red”. Every building is red and street is colorful but some black and white photos are created showing different scenes from Marrakech, a place I strangely feel “home” after one week of staying at Riad Arahanta.

Click here to view black & white photo from Marrakech


時間の砂漠への探検の後、リアッド アラハンタの宿主ロスとデイビットはこの民宿を我が家のごとく感じさせてくれる。早速シャワーを浴び、カメラバッグを開けて、なかにある砂を振るい出すが、服からなんから、全て砂だらけ。カメラ機材を掃除したが、ズームやピントの部分がじゃりじゃり音がする... たぶんキャノンへ送って分解清掃が必要か...



マラケシは「赤の街」と呼ばれる。ここでは全ての建築物が赤色、また通りや市場は色鮮やかだが、あえて白黒の写真を造ってみた。1週間この旅館、Riad Arahantaに泊まってこの異国の地が自然と自分の故郷に思えて来る。