married couple 夫婦


Went to another Broadway Show, “God of Carnage”.

Yet another emotional show, drama between two married couples, lots of laugh, great performance by Jeff Daniels, Hope Davids, Marcia Gay Harden, and James Gandolfini from “The Soprano”.

またブロードウェイへ、今回は “God of Carnage”.

前回と同じく2つの夫婦を取り巻く感性豊かなストーリーで笑いまくり、出演はHBOのテレビ番組で有名な James Gandolfini、Macia Gay Harden、Hope Gay Harden、そしてすばらしい演技の Jeff Daniels

family 家族


Went to see “August Osage County” with friends, great play, 5 Tony Awards, and great acting by Estelle Parsons.
A part of story was too real to me, reminded me my family, I was laughing and crying at the same time.

The Music Box theater interior is very nice too.

久しぶりにブロードウェイのショー、August Osage Countyを友達と、トニー賞を5つ受賞しただけあって、スゴクおすすめ、とくに母の役のEstelle Parsonsの演技は感動

劇場、 The Music Boxの内装も一見の価値あり