daughter 娘


I met Sugiyama san when I’ve moved to NYC year ago. He has a very nice restaurant “
Sugiyama” where he produces a traditional Japanese Kaiseki style dining experience. I always sit at the counter so I can see his cooking and how he presents food to his customer, carefully arranging each pieces so you can appreciate all flavor and texture of food.

His wife and Sugiyama san both share same hometown in Japan with me so we often talk about our hometown, music, and food. He plays drum (R&R), and his daughter plays piano.

I had an opportunity to listen to
her recital yesterday at the Kaufman Center Merkin Concert Hall.

His daughter looks like her parents but plays very different type of music, still nice to know a family who shares the joy of music.

For more photo from her recital, click
here. リサイタルの写真はこちらへ...





en 縁


en えん

Photo taken at “en”, a good Japanese restaurant in West Village. Some friends and I had a chance to enjoy a private dining room after the theater last weekend. Good selection of Shochu, home made tofu, yuba. Reminds me an upscale izakaya in Tokyo.

写真はウエストヴィレッジにある日本食のレストラン、en 「えん」 にて。先週末、ブロードウェイのショーの後、個室で夕食。焼酎メニュー、手作り豆腐、ゆばがおすすめ、ちょっとおしゃれな東京の居酒屋を思い出す

sapporo サッポロ





I felt an urge to eat Ramen while reading a diary by my Japanese friend so I headed to “Sapporo”, on 49th St. between 7th Ave. and Broadway.
My first visit was back in winter of 1985, five months since I came to US as a collage student. My Japanese friends and I drove all the way from North Carolina to NYC to experience the City.

Lots of things changed since but Ramen here has not, soup is too salty, noodle is over cooked, and pork Chashu is greasy but no fravor...

But I was so happy to have my Ramen at Sapporo in NYC back then as it was my first decent Japanese meal in few month of living in US.